Rule 1

Do not unnecessarily ping mods/admins: Spam pinging, or pinging someone without reason is obnoxious . This will not be tolerated and you should only ping someone if it is urgent.

Rule 2

Do not spam: This should be pretty self-explanatory. Do not send walls of text rapidly, and do not copy and paste messages. Spamming will initially result in a warning. If continued, a mute will occur.

In Throng, we find it practical to have rules to ensure our members have the best and safest experience here.

Rule 3

Rule 4

Rule 5

Do not impersonate: Please do not impersonate staff members

No racist/homophobic or discrimative language

No begging

Rule 6

No IRL trading or anything similar: Advertising an IRL trading server or something similar is not permitted in this server. This is against the Discord TOS so it is also against our rules.

Rule 7

Listen to staff members: If a staff verbally warns you, listen to them. However, if you think the staff is being abusive, please notify Jared

Rule 8

No self promoting in any chat or direct messaging. If you would like to partner servers, please dm Jared or any partner managers.

Rule 9

Rule 10

No NSFW in chat. If you see NSFW report it to a mod immediately NSFW mentions are okay as long as they are not extreme(Ex:Pedophilia)

Please refrain from conversing about politics and religion for it is offensive to some and difficult to deal with